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What They Say About 250PAYDAY.NET

All I have to say is Joshua J is Awesome and trustworthy. Very serious about helping others. He got me in a program a few months ago and past me a $175 sale within 14 hours of signing up. What a great guy. I opted in the Co-Op just to see what I would get and I have made a sale on my own and I got 2 sales from the Team Co-Op. That was a total of $750 in 24 hrs. This is insane. Thanks Josh J.

Big Mike
Big Mike

I have to say that I have worked with Josh Joiner on several other opportunities. It's my pleasure to be on board with this current 250 PayDay campaign. Thanks Josh for showing me another Awesome opportunity with simple income You are as you have always been so " AWESOME."

Maria Betancourt
Maria Betancourt

I must admit I thought that 250 Payday was just another one of those so called money make system that does nothing but leave you disappointed. But I noticed that their system is the engine that drives sales to your Business, then I had to at least see for myself. Within the first hour of signing up, I got a $250 sale, then two, 4 hrs later. WIN online. All I have to say is TOO EASY!

Saint-Louis R
Saint-Louis R

What can I say. Joshua has always inspired me with this online marketing. I have yet to see anyone so dedicated to others success as much as Joshua. I see that 250 Payday is already a low cost program that is easy to share. But with a Team Co-Op I can sit back relax and collect funds. Thanks Josh for sharing this. I'm am so pumped up right now.

Susan Lynn
Susan Lynn

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