Dan Froelke's Exitus Sign Up Payment Page

Step 1 - If you already haven't done so, create an account with Exits Lifestyle using this link (make sure is says dfroelke as your sponsor)  - http://www.exituselite.com/dfroelke/

Step 2 - Pay your admin fee of $299.00 by selecting the Genesis Package.

Step 3 - Send me $1000 via the button below. This is my Authorize.net merchant account.

Step 4 - Go back to https://www.exituselite.com/office/login/  Login with the user name and password you created.
a. Click on “Product Payment” tab (left side of page below “Dashboard”
b. Put a check in the Big Red Box
c. Click “Payment Sent”
d. Then click “Payment Information” and choose the method "OTHER." This way I can mark you paid from my back office.

Need help? - Call me now! - 763-213-5361


Let me be the first to welcome you to your new Exitus Lifestyle business! You're going to really love it!

Upon successful payment completion, I will call you and help you get your system up and running. If at any time during this payment process you get "stuck" please call me and I'll be glad to walk you through.

I am sincerely looking forward to working with you. ~ Dan Froelke - 763-213-5361